Writing and Communication Center at MIT

Given the current COVID-19 restrictions the Writing and Communication Center is offering remote consultations using live audio/video and Google Docs for reviewing your text. See complete instructions for scheduling an appointment and preparing for your consultation.

About the WCC

We have a list of freelance editors/teachers you can hire if you want advice while the WCC is closed. Contact us at writing-center@mit.edu, and we'll put you in touch with them. Since they are independent contractors (i.e., are not working for the WCC when they are freelancing), we do not know what their individual rates are.

The WCC at MIT (Writing and Communication Center) offers free one-on-one professional advice from communication experts. The WCC is staffed completely by MIT lecturers. All have advanced degrees. All are experienced college classroom teachers of communication. All are published scholars and writers. Not counting the WCC’s director’s years (he started the WCC in 1982), the WCC lecturers have a combined 133 years’ worth of teaching here at MIT (ranging from 4 to 24 years).

The WCC works with students (undergraduate and graduate), post-docs, faculty, and staff — the WCC no longer meets with alumni or spouses/partners.). The WCC helps you strategize about all types of academic and professional writing as well as about all aspects of oral presentations (including practicing classroom presentations & conference talks as well as designing slides).

No matter what department or discipline you are in, the WCC helps you think your way more deeply into your topic, helps you see new implications in your data, research, and ideas. The WCC also helps with all English as Second Language issues, from writing and grammar to pronunciation and conversation practice.

The WCC also offers many pages of advice on writing and oral presentations.

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