Thesis Pamphlet Instructions

Thesis Review Pamphlet instructions
(for 2021 February/May degrees only)

for BSAD, M.Arch, SMArchS, and SMBT Students

Materials submission deadline: TBA

Submit digital materials for inclusion in thesis Review Pamphlet

The Review Pamphlet is prepared for the day-of-review. It provides an image and abstract of each student’s thesis proposal and is distributed to faculty, students, and published online.

The Review Pamphlet will be posted digitally on the department’s web site, and printed for distribution to prospective applications to our programs.

Each student will submit a 250-300 word abstract with two of the best images. You may use the same wording as the thesis proposal, but you need to edit the abstract down to 250-300 words. The guidelines for the text file follow.

Text File

Important: the file with your text must be either a .txt file or a Microsoft Word document. We *cannot accept PDF* files.

  1. Author Name as you would like it to appear in print
  2. Degree (SMArchS degrees should include your area)
  3. Thesis Title & Subtitle
  4. Thesis Advisor(s) and Reader(s)
  5. Abstract, 250 to 300 words
  6. Image, Captions & Credits (Image Source, whether book or archive, etc.)


  • Provide TWO of your best images. These could be drawings, photographs, archival images, etc. High quality = 300 DPI JPEG
  • Label all files: LASTNAME_FIRSTINITIAL_DEGREE_(and SMArchS area)_(TEXT, IMAGE-1, IMAGE-2, etc.).

The format is a 1/2 letter pamphlet with image and short text. An example of the review pamphlet format may be viewed on ISSUU

* How to Submit *

Collect all materials into a folder in your Dropbox account and share with Tonya Miller (miller_t@). If files are very large please use WeTransfer.

Thesis Pamphlet Contacts