Bachelor of Science (BSA) / Bachelor of Science in Architecture Design (BSAD) Thesis


Spring 2021 Theses Deadlines

Friday, January 22, 2021

  1. Submit proposal: Submit signed thesis proposal to Renée Caso.

Friday, February 19, 2021

  1. Register for thesisl: Register for undergraduate thesis, 4.THU, for 12 units only if an approved thesis proposal was submitted.

Friday, April 30, 2021

  • Final draft: Provide the final draft of your thesis to your supervisor and reader.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Friday, May 14, 2021

  • Final thesis submission (unless initial submission already approved):: Final, corrected, approved, electronic version uploaded to the Thesis Submission website.

General Information

The senior thesis is intended for students who wish to culminate their education with a challenge that would demand advanced work and reward them with portfolio material and developed viewpoints on a topic of importance. It is required for the Bachelor of Science in Art and Design (4B) and optional for the Bachelor of Science in Architecture (4). When optional, it can be used to fulfill 12 units of unrestricted elective requirements.

The nature of the work may be an original research or design project that involves additional learning of a substantive nature. The work must be documented with a written thesis, completed to institute specifications, within the final term of the senior year. The final document is is submitted by STOA to DSpace where it is archived in the MIT Library.

Thesis preparation subjects are taken the fall prior to registering for thesis and will assist students in preparing a thesis proposal and choosing a supervisor.

  • 4.THTJ, Thesis Research Design Seminar, a 12-unit class is required of students in the 4B program and can be taken by Course 4 students. 4.THTJ is joint with DUSP 11.THTJ. It fulfills one of the two CI-M requirements.
  • The supervisor may be a faculty member, lecturer, visiting faculty, or research scientist from within Course 4 (preferred), or from another department within MIT. If chosen from a department other than Architecture, a faculty member within Course 4 willing to work in conjunction with the supervisor will need to be added to the proposal as a reader. Otherwise, readers are not required, unless your thesis advisor requests one.
  • After the thesis proposal is approved and before registration for thesis, students must complete the Thesis Proposal Form and attach a thesis proposal, which includes a timetable for completion, including a mid-term review. The form must be signed by the thesis supervisor. If they are not a member of the Department, the proposal must also be signed by the Course 4 faculty reader. Submit the completed form to Architecture Headquarters, room 7-337, by the completion of the fall term in which 4.THT is taken. Students who submit the completed form may register for 12 units of 4.THU, Undergraduate Thesis. Students may not register for thesis after Add Date of the term of graduation.

Thesis Guidelines

  • At the start of the spring thesis term, students are responsible for setting a schedule of meetings with their thesis supervisor to make steady progress. Remember that the thesis receives only 12 credits, so the scale of the project needs to be compatible with amount of time allotted (approx. 12 hrs/wk).
  • A final draft of the thesis should be presented to the supervisor at least two weeks prior to the thesis deadline. This allows supervisors to provide critical comments and for you to make adjustments prior to finalizing the thesis document for submittal.
  • We ask that you submit digital information and images about your thesis by no later than (TBA) for the purpose of preparing an online Review Pamphlet. See further instructions below.
  • The week that the thesis is due for submittal upload the final document to the Thesis Submission website for formatting review. This is for the purpose of making certain the document is in compliance with MIT archive requirements. You will be contacted quickly if adjustments are needed.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the thesis, the supervisor will assign a grade. The grade will not be submitted to the Registrar until the approved final thesis document is submitted to the Thesis Submission website by the thesis deadline provided on the Institute Academic Calendar — see the Final Thesis Submission tab on the Formatting, Specifications, Copyright & Submission page for more information.

Formatting, Specifications & Thesis Submission

Important: Consult the Formatting, Specifications and Thesis Submission information page.


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